Messing Around-Experiment

During the recent full moon, I decided to go out early in the morning to capture some images. The moon was setting at 6:39 am and the sun rise was around 7:15.  So I went to a point in San Francisco that has a view of Marin Headlands which one can get to by crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.  

I made the choice of capturing the lighthouse and its surroundings with a zoom lens set at 200 mm.  The lens was closed down to f22.  The shutter release was set to bulb and opened for 20 min at an ISO of 100.  Now for a digital sensor to absorb light for that time may produce unwanted effects, but I tried it anyway.  There are others who crank the ISO up to 800, 1600, 3200, etc., but I wanted to try it at 100.

Point Bonita in Moonlight

Point Bonita in Moonlight

This is what showed up.  The image is cropped about one third of the whole picture.  Even at 200 mm there is more water, land to each side and sky.  The moon was full and shining from the left of the picture and setting over the Pacific Ocean.  There is no lightening of the picture, but there was a flaw to the far left of the cropped area is a magenta blotch.  The num-nut photographer forgot to cover the eyepiece while the 20 minute exposure was happening.   The other time I've seen the magenta blotches is using a ND filter that does not have infrared filtering.  With something like a 10-stop ND, infrared waves still penetrate and make some things magenta.  If you are converting to black and white, not a big deal.

Well that's it for now.  Just try to go out there and try different things.  Most of all, have fun.  Hope the one or two of you reading this enjoy it.