170603 When Photographing With Friends

Four of us photographer types who have the same interest, decided to plan an evening for dinner and to go out near the time of sunset to make photographs.  In the conversation, we all agreed that the best work we have done has been at times when each wandered alone in search of inspiring subjects.  None the less we went together, maybe more of a social thing then thinking we would find a "keeper".  The collaboration was good and we went to two spots.  In the end, I found that I captured an image that expressed what I was feeling at the time.  It is at Fort Mason in San Francisco.  At dusk, the light filters through the windows on the buildings.  I had been at ground level before and noticed the same effect and even have photographed it before.  This time, the group was above the fort and the windows on the roof was visible as they were lit up by the setting sun and some lights inside.  It just gave me pause.  After I processed the film and scanned it, I notice the cargo ship going under the bridge.  Sometimes, it's just luck.  The next step I suggested may be to meet once a month to share prints.