190428 Using a Red Filter

If you understand that filters block certain things and let other things through, you will discover that red filters will let red light through and block the other primary colors, green and blue. With this understanding, I thought to photograph plants in the backyard. I was interested in brown leaves, since brown is really a bad yellow and yellow light is made up or red and green. This means the red frequencies will go through the filter and record that part of the image on film. The green will be blocked, so green leaves will fall away into black or grey. Here is the result.

190414 BoP9 f32 1s R 120mm.jpg

190204 Photographing the Same Location

Living in San Francisco, I tend to go back to the same locations to photograph. On one morning, I sat in the car at the entrance to Fort Point near the Crissy Field Pier because of light rain. As I watch cars going into Fort Point, I knew they had to come back as it is a dead end under the Golden Gate Bridge. So I cot out of the car and set up my camera to capture the road into Fort Point with the bridge and fort in the background and the chain in the foreground. The exposure was five minutes at f11. The contemplation and thought process resulted in the following image.

Road to Fort Point

Road to Fort Point

170831 On the Alaskan Cruise

There are some places on earth that you cannot see without getting on a ship.  Alaska is one of those places.  I boarded a cruise in Seattle and travelled through the inland passage to Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Ketchikan and Victoria.  When there one has the option to sign up for various tours.  This cruise line ship happened to be the RubyPrincess, but all of them have similar if not the exact same tours.  In Juneau, Mendenhall Glacier is a must.  This is the only place I actually used a tripod.  Very where else taking photographs were hand held.  In Skagway, we took the trip to the Yukon in a bus only to return by train.  Beautiful landscapes.  Glacier Bay is such a scenic place to raise the camera.  The entire ship enters and rotates to view the glacier.  Ketchikan we boarded another boat to visit Misty Fjords.  Again breath taking.  You can see what I captured in photographs in Recent Work.  Here is one example.

170726 Glacier Bay 2 05.jpg

170603 When Photographing With Friends

Four of us photographer types who have the same interest, decided to plan an evening for dinner and to go out near the time of sunset to make photographs.  In the conversation, we all agreed that the best work we have done has been at times when each wandered alone in search of inspiring subjects.  None the less we went together, maybe more of a social thing then thinking we would find a "keeper".  The collaboration was good and we went to two spots.  In the end, I found that I captured an image that expressed what I was feeling at the time.  It is at Fort Mason in San Francisco.  At dusk, the light filters through the windows on the buildings.  I had been at ground level before and noticed the same effect and even have photographed it before.  This time, the group was above the fort and the windows on the roof was visible as they were lit up by the setting sun and some lights inside.  It just gave me pause.  After I processed the film and scanned it, I notice the cargo ship going under the bridge.  Sometimes, it's just luck.  The next step I suggested may be to meet once a month to share prints.


170528 Long Exposure

Recently, I experimented with different types of film and using long exposures.  Take a look at recent work and images from the waterfront.  Those photographs have exposure times of 18 seconds to 3 minutes.  The water looks like fog or frost and people in the photographs are blurred, mostly fisherman on the docks.  It is interesting to see what emerges on the negatives.  Also when I make mistakes, that I learn from them.  The image below was exposed for one and a half minutes.  The fisherman almost stayed still.