Point Lobos (161216)

Recently, I took a friend to Point Lobos State Park, just South of Carmel, CA.  There is photography history there as we first stopped at Weston Beach, named after the Ed Weston's Family.  In the first photograph taken by Dwight Morita, it may look like I just got drenched, but I didn't.  It does show what photographers do to find the photograph.  The second image is what I saw from the vantage point.


Just Photograph

Early this year, I just decided to try to take on self imposed projects.  The first of these is the walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.  Each time I crossed the bridge early in the morning, I looked for visual elements that most people would not stop to look at.  Another thing I intentionally tried was to make elements of the bridge appear as it were something else.  Like the bridge lights look much like people walking in a line.  So the idea was to just go an photograph.